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While studying the connexion between eating and behaviour, our primary goal was to discover why diets often lead to eating binges and what causes spontaneous distortions in behaviour (for example, aggression and epilepsy).

By modelling with scientific accuracy the way the body absorbs nutrients, we were able to discover in 1995 an entirely new system regulating the central nervous system: the endorphin balance sheet system. This system is at the top of the hierarchy, far above the hormonal regulating systems already familiar to us.

Thanks to its extremely high priority, it also has a noticeable effect on nearly every type of illness and altered behaviour. Very frequently, a discrepancy in the Endorphine Balance Sheet is what causes illnesses and hitherto unexplainable behavioural phenomena.

The Endorphin Balance Sheet Model (also called by its synonym, "Stimulus Performance Model") enables many physiological processes to be seen in a new perspective. Medical science, which has always commanded a special position among the sciences, once again modestly steps down to occupy its rightful place amongst the other natural sciences.

The Stimulus Performance Model unites the spheres of the physical and mental levels, which have heretofore been considered as separate entities by our Western culture. It puts the explanation of the intimate relation between body, mind and soul (the Yin-Yang Relation) on a firm scientific footing.

Owing to the wide variety of uses to which the Endorphin Balance Sheet Model can be put, it is not possible for an individual to comprehend fully all its different aspects. I now put this new scientific tool at your disposal and repeat my standing invitation to you to take part in this great project. Thank you.

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